Date 6/4/2009 Up Dated 12/8/2009   
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Rules of Engagement    
1.A. Bikes
1.        Must have 2 rear working  functional shocks  (4 inches wheel travel max)  OLD Rule
2.        Front wheel travel  (7 inches wheel travel max)

1.B. Bikes
1.         New, Rear can be 1 or 2 working shocks, with up to 7" wheel travel.

2.A. Engine
1.        100cc max, bore and stroke, up to 6 Factory over bore’s
2.         No Water Coolers

2.B. Engine 4 stroke
1.         Not to exceed 130 cc, including over bores.

3.A. Weight
1.        Up to 398 LBS including bike and rider, class is called Fly Weight.
2.        399 LBS including bike and rider, class is called Pantie Waist.
3.        499 LBS including bike and rider, class is called Heavy Duty.
          Heavy Duty rider can ride the Fly and Pantie Waist classes.

4.A Riding apparel
1.        Can have a fictional or cartoon alter ego upper outfit  
       (IE, being slip-on cartoon jersey/bib/something on helmet Fiction character)

5.A Tear down / Protest
1.        Tear down ( Removal of Head to measure bore and stroke, $30.00 dollars, money to go to BAR-BBQ
         and Beer fund for last race of year.  If Tear is legal, Tear down rider gets $ 20:00.
         The $10.00 dollars goes to Beer and Bar B Q fund.
2.        Tech Referee Steward, is Jim Pileggi .
3.         If caught cheating on 100cc rule, Cheater must buy everyone on race gate in class breakfast.
          Second offence, Cheater must buy Steak dinner for everyone on race gate in class.

6.A  Legal Note     
All Final decisions of Legality are by Marty Tripes.

This is a race class that is along the lines of old days racing in the late 60’s and early 70’s. The 100cc class were the
toughest competition of the race day. It made us all better riders, and it made us better mechanics out of us.
Sometimes 150 to 300 riders would show up. If you won the 100cc class, you were the man, not an easy task.  
It’s called MT’s 100 Works Revenge for a reason, we all had Factory bikes in that era, we just didn't know it. The 100cc
class was the true beginning of Moto Cross in the USA, from porting to custom frames, swinging arms, Pipes,
lightweight metals and so on. When the AMA passed the non works bike rule in 1986, all minds went to rest, we all rode
the same bikes, and imagination went right out the door. The fun slowly went away and our minds on making better
machinery.  MT’s 100 Works Revenge gold is to bring back the fun factor, get the minds working again on how to go
fast with only 100cc.

You want to run a disk brake, so be it, run outside the normal box, if you want to run box stock, that’s fine, enjoy.  Ride
the class with a small amount of rules to run by. If you are a whiner and complainer about this and that, you may not fit
in, but if you want to have fun racing like the old days again, I believe this is a great start for all.

This is just the start for all of us, yes, myself and the rules committee will have to make changes as it grows, we will
make it as clean and simple as possible.
I know that I am going to have a blast with you competitors.
Best regards to all, hope to see you at the races.
For MT’s 100 Works Revenge

Marty Tripes
9733 Magnolia ave # 125
Santee, CA 92071
Office 619-825-0051
President                                        Marty Tripes
Tech / tear down inspector             Jim Pileggi
Rules committee                             Marty Tripes, Coon Scratch, Dave Fisher                
Bikes, some of the 100cc allowed, some missed
TM –100, Penton –100, RM –100, YZ – 100, GT – 100, Hodaka  Ace–100 Indian –100, Kawasaki –100, Bultaco –100,
Zundapp –100, Steens -100,  Fuji -100, Sachs-100, Rickman -100, Rupp -100, Honda - 100, Puch-100, DKW-100
Please check in early at the first race, as we will have a complete Tech inspection
for riders and bikes, This inspection will be noted on our computers and bike will
have a identification seal. New late comers will go though the same inspection