Check out the cool picture of RIO BRAVO 100cc start, early
70's below. Picture by Mr. Rick Jones. Classic stuff.
This is Mr. Bryan Myerscough, He is on a Rickman Hodaka with ace 100 motor. This bike was ahead of its time as to the frame,
light weight, Nickel plated, bronze welding, a work of art. Rickman's used different motor power plants such as Zunndapp, Sacks
and other motors. The Track in the back ground. I do not know the track, but if I had to guess, I would think that it is Corona in late
60's. I borrowed this picture from Old School Group. Hope I don't get yelled at, but this is classic stuff.
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Race Schedule 2009
MT’s 100 Works Revenge
A new back to early days of racing, being inventive, racing hard and a having fun again.
Trade Mark applied for
Race Results
L. To R. Series Champion Fly Weight and Heavy Duty Mark Rose, John Paulstone runner up in Pantie
weight class, Pantie Weight Series Champion Rice Price 2009.
Mark and Rick are Brothers from San Diego, Ca. Paul also has a brother Mike That Finnish high in the
standings also. Look for Paul's new 2010 ride in the Photos.
Check out new rules for 2010 and new race schedule